Alibaba Hu Xiaoming: Ali will fully enter IoT

On March 28, at the 2018 Yunxi-Shenzhen summit, Alibaba senior vice president and Ali cloud president Hu Xiaoming announced that Alibaba will formally enter IoT. Hu Xiaoming said that IoT is a new main track after Alibaba Group's successor, finance, logistics and cloud computing.

Regarding the positioning of Alibaba Cloud IoT, Hu Xiaoming stated that Alibaba Cloud will be the builder of the IoT infrastructure and plans to connect 10 billion devices in the next 5 years. At the same time, in the view of Hu Xiaoming, people have intelligence and can not do without the brain, heart and neural networks. In the same way, the realization of the All-Star Alliance is inseparable from the "troika" - IoT, AI and cloud computing. IoT is like a ubiquitous neural network. It connects and collects data and digitizes things. But the connection is not the goal. The connection without the brain is only vegetative. This requires the ability of the AI. The intelligence is behind the computing power. It is provided like a heart. A steady stream of motivation.

Hu Xiaoming believes that the mission of the Internet of Things is to digitalize the entire physical world. Based on this mission, the Internet of Things needs an open and convenient connection. It needs a "brain" and requires cloud, edge, and edge collaborative computing... Based on this kind of thinking, Ali Cloud will solve these three problems in the field of Internet of Things: 1. Provide an open, inclusive IoT connection platform; 2. Provide powerful AI capabilities; 3. Implement cloud, edge, and terminal integrated collaborative computing.

It is understood that as early as 2014, Alibaba Cloud has already started the research and development of the Internet of Things. After years of accumulation and exploration, it has completed the layout of the core technologies of the four major Internet of Things areas of cities, life, manufacturing, and automobiles.