Cotran Had A Perfect End in 2018 Mobile World Congress

2018 Mobile World Congress was held in Barcelona, Spain on Feb. 26, Beijing time. In late February, when it was still cold in China, several staff from International Sales Department of Cotran had flied to Barcelona to prepare for the congress, led by the department manager.

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was held by Global System for Mobile Communications, which is one of the most influential congresses in mobile communications field. Global System for Mobile Communications is one of the three international organizations in mobile communications field all over the world, where the members include more than 750 mobile communications operators and more than 220 equipment manufactories from 218 countries and areas in the world.

The application of 5G, Cloud, AI and other new technologies is bringing brand-new experiences for consumers and also bringing challenges for leading Chinese enterprises. As Wang Yufeng who is the CEO of the wireless application scenario lab in Huawei, said: “What 5G brings us are unimaginable wireless and freedom to move, but it is a road never walked by others. Facing the challenges, we shall do more to keep the advantages in the industry.”

With accumulated good reputation, Cotran attracted many regional market agents and packers on the congress and the exhibited products and technologies appealed many participators and approved by them. And there were even some customers hoping to buy the exhibits to try.

The congress has ended and Cotran also harvested a lot.