ELECTRAMA——Cotran Will Step on the Overseas Electronic Market Firstly

From March 10, 2018 to March 14, International Exhibition of Electrical and Electronic Industry was held in New Delhi, India. The Overseas Sales Department of Cotran showed up firstly on the world-class exhibition.

The first International Exhibition of Electrical and Industrial Electronic Industry was held in 1990, which has a history of over 20 years. With the influence of Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers' Association in India electrical industry, it has become the torchbearer of India electrical industry and the largest exhibition of electrical industry in the world. 

The exhibition attracted visitors from the power industry, utilities, general contractors, power product manufacturers, power plants, trading companies and other power related industries from India and overseas governments. In 2018, the exhibition will display the entire “electricity”-related industrial chain – the mode of thinking has shifted from the earlier power space to power generation, transmission, distribution, power electronics, renewable energy, automation drive, and power storage.

Cotran is located in hall E28-2. The neatly displayed products and program demonstrations attracted many agents, electric equipment manufacturers and technical personnel from India and surrounding areas. The quality of the products and the advanced technology were obtained everyone's highly approval. Visitors showed a high level of enthusiasm and keen interest in Cotran and its products. Visitors demanded more than the imagination of the company's catalogues, and even appeared to be in short supply.

Cotran’s participating the International Exhibition of Electrical and Electronic Industry had a good effect and it is hoped that Cotran will step on the overseas electronic market firstly.