Meeting at Hanover Fair

At the time of spring, when the cold spell in Europe has not faded and the summer has not yet entered the state, the branch of the Hannover Exhibition of the International Business Division of Cotran has travelled to Germany for the duration of the 23rd to 27th April in the industrial town of Hanover. Five-day Hannover Industrial Fair.

Hanover Fair, one of the largest comprehensive fairs in the world, has a 71-year history. It is not unequivocal to say that Hannover’s exhibition history is the epitome of global technological development in the past decades and the future industrial technology will affect the future of humankind. Trends, this year's Hannover Messe takes the theme of "industry integration - interconnection and cooperation" as the theme of the exhibition, covering the five major exhibitions of integrated automation and power transmission technology exhibition, digital factory exhibition, energy exhibition, industrial supply exhibition and research and technology. More than 7,500 exhibitors from more than 70 countries and regions and over 265,000 visitors from more than 80 countries and regions attended the industrial feast.

China has more than 1,000 exhibiting companies this year, second only to host Germany. As the partner country of this year's show in Mexico, the number of exhibitors this year is also the highest in the calendar year, and has led to a large number of exhibitors and business partners in the Americas who have come to Europe. Cotran brought the company's latest power tape products, the most complete power cable accessory products and systematic power insulation waterproof solutions for the exhibition.

During the five-day exhibition, visitors to the booth came in endlessly, including industry agents, direct customer terminals, and industry partners. Before the exhibition, we learned that Kechuang was planning to participate in this year's exhibition. Many European customers also took the time In the booth of Cotran, we have closely exchanged business cooperation information with exhibitors.

During the months of pre-show preparation and five-day exhibition time, the Hanover Fair gradually quietly ended in a busy and fulfilling state. The Kechuang exhibitors team not only accumulated a group of quality potential customer partners, but also Extending the brand equity of Cotran to a broader dimension, whether it is the customer who can successfully establish a cooperative relationship with us in the future or the exhibitors who have only stayed in our booth, they have all seen a rigorous attitude. Specia lized companies that create value for customers to solve problems, and products with wide coverage are our basic advantages. The superior service customers and customer value derivatives are the greater values that Cotran can create for customers.